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About Edu-Skills

Edu-Skills is a leading Canadian distributor of inclusive learning software. Our focus is RTi in Tiers 2 and 3.

What We're About

We believe all learners regardless of ability are entitled to an education that helps them realize their full potential.

We believe inclusive learning technology is a proven and cost-effective method to help them achieve their goals.

We believe all struggling, at-risk students should have access to effective intervention solutions.

Who We Are

We are seasoned educators, with decades of experience across the full spectrum of grades.

We understand the world in which you work, and appreciate the unique challenges you face.

We are experts in online Response to Intervention technology. We have the skills to get you the right solution at the best price.

We are committed to support you as your program is launched and throughout its development in your organization.

We are the Canadian experts in School Specialty intervention software.

What We Do

We will assist you in the successful implementation of an RTi solution that satisfies your unique needs. We will

  • help you understand the products so you can choose the most effective modules for your objectives based on your specific requirements
  • get you the best licence, even a custom licence, to get you the best solution for the best price
  • customize training programs and implementation plans that are highly focused and productive
  • help you with professional development, through our professional team of on-site trainers or our professionally led online program
  • provide personal high-value ongoing support to help you realize the full value of Edu-Skills' effective intervention solutions

Have an Informative Talk with Us

We regularly host online events to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products.

Please use our contact page, or call us at (800) 709-1952 for an informative, confidential conversation about your needs.

Superior Customer Support

You can expect in person, expert support from people who know the software and how it has been set up for you.

Concerned about technology? Our solutions can be served up through the internet, freeing you to focus on your students.

Superior Results

"Our school is situated within a youth custody centre. Academy of MATH is an integral part of how we successfully engage our students. Our students have had very disrupted school histories and are often very reluctant students. As school is mandatory for youth in custody, we have to find ways to engage our students in meaningful, confidence building activities. Initially working one to one with a teacher is very stressful for our students and this is where Academy of MATH is magical.

The program builds in an opportunity for success, and our students leave school after their first day feeling that school is a place where they can do the work. The program allows students to work at their own pace, without anyone looking over their shoulder. Within a short time the student's confidence increases, at which time we can introduce a variety of instructional methods. Academy of MATH software is a valuable, non threatening reintroduction to being a student."

Hilary McIntyre

Teacher, BC

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