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About Our People

We believe strongly that education is as much a calling as it is a profession. We are always pleased to meet and support new colleagues in the field.

Eric & Joan MacInnis

Experienced Educators, Expert Solutions Providers

Our goal is to assist Canadian educators in making informed decisions as to whether or not our intervention solutions are a fit with their instructional and RtI requirements. Considerable expertise and experience is required to support every educator to ensure their implementation is successful.

We have a combined 70 years in education:

  • 50 years as school teachers at most grade levels
  • 20 years as partners with Canadian educators implementing inclusive learning solutions

We are especially proud of our teaching careers during which we were each nominated for Alberta Excellence in Teaching awards.

We are Canadian experts in the field of intervention software.

Eric MacInnis, BComm, BEd, MEd

After many years in the regular classroom, my career evolved into special education settings. During the 1998-99 academic year, a search for intervention software resulted in my colleagues and I selecting and implementing AutoSkill’s Academy of READING and Academy of MATH software with our students.

Excited about the results of this project, I founded Edu-Skills in September of 1999. Since then, Edu-Skills has grown to become the leading Canadian distributor for these resources.

Visit my LinkedIn page.

Joan Northen MacInnis, BA, BEd

I joined Eric in Edu-Skills after completing a very successful 30 year teaching career at the Grade 1-3 level.

My confidence in the efficacy of Academy of READING and Academy of MATH software was a result of my own professional experience using these resources.

Like Eric, I grew up in Nova Scotia and I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University.

Edu-Skills Founders

As we still live in the same Canadian town where we taught for many years, we enjoy meeting our former students, who are often accompanied by children of their own.

We have a variety of individual and shared interests that include music and fitness, reading, learning to use new technologies, business and personal travel, motorcycling, hunting, fishing, and boating.

Fortunately, our proximity to the Rocky Mountains for most of the year, with summers spent in beautiful Nova Scotia, afford us the opportunity to maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

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