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Intervention Software

The award-winning Academy Software uses a unique, research-based methodology proven in thousands of schools.

It delivers individualized training for each struggling student.

Data-driven Instruction & Management

"With the Academy software we can target a lab full of kids with one teacher."

Academy software can be implemented across districts to help a variety of struggling students, including those who are at-risk, ELL, special education or learning disabled

Using the Academy solutions, educators and administrators can effectively provide data-driven instruction and management through features such as integrated tools, graphical reports and web-based access.

Online Software

Don't want to deal with technology? Academy Software can be accessed on our servers through the internet.

This means you don't need a network or an IT department to implement.

Have your own network? Our software can be installed on your server, reducing the cost of ownership.

Individualized Training Programs

  • Training stream is automatically assigned based on a placement test that provides a snapshot of each student's abilities relative to their grade
  • Adaptive intervention engine adjusts to students' responses, reviewing concepts when needed or accelerating training when mastery is demonstrated
  • Short, intensive training sessions fit into class schedules and enable rapid skill development

Motivational Aspects

  • Age-appropriate content, interfaces and graphical elements create an optimal learning environment for students from K-12
  • Students start on "easier" material and work through content, celebrating success at every step along the way
  • Positive feedback and motivational "buddy" characters boost confidence and self-esteem

Grounded in Scientific Research

  • Based on original research into computer-assisted sub-skills training
  • Pedagogical model incorporates task-analysis to break skills down into simpler components
  • Actual classroom results show students achieving significant math gains in as little as 10 hours of time on task

Progress Reporting

  • Effectively monitor results: individual, class and school reports, usage tracking, and demographic data
  • Track student progress details: trouble spot alerts, "teacher time" flags, and how much time used per task
  • Access reports at any time through the browser-based management system

Centralized Management System

  • Centralized server installation makes it cost-effective to deploy and maintain
  • Common management interface with other Academy software lets administrators use one login and one screen to enroll students in both programs
  • System can be accessed from any point on the network, at any time, making it ideal for use during or after school hours

Praise for Academy Software

"There are a number of factors that keep us using Academy of READING and Academy of MATH software.

As a school, we have a long standing culture of trying to keep kids from falling between the cracks. We have a diverse population including ELL students, students with learning disabilities, students who need behavioral support and students with other deficits. We need to fill in gaps and differentiate, but as junior high teachers, we aren't trained in teaching emergent literacy and numeracy. Academy software is designed to deal with those issues.

When you're trying to fill in gaps, one teacher can work with either individuals or small groups. With the Academy software we can target a lab full of kids with one teacher."

Kim Krahn

Academy Program Coordinator

D.S. MacKenzie School

Edmonton Public School Board

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