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Academy of MATH
Intervention Software

Academy of MATH® intervention software helps students develop computational fluency and achieve significant gains in math proficiency.

Proven to Raise Math Achievement

Academy of MATH® is an intensive, web-based intervention tool that can be used for instruction, assessment, and progress monitoring. The program is based on original learning-process research that prescribes systematic instruction.

Every student’s program is self-paced and personalized. Students who require additional instructional or language support receive it through a variety of scaffolding mechanisms.

In the program, component skills of mathematics have been broken down, with students introduced to skills along a development sequence thhat systematically builds math knowledge.

A Highly Effective Intervention

Academy of MATH provides each student with a differentiated and dynamic learning experience.

Automated placement tests provide a snapshot of each student’s abilities relative to grade level. The program then identifies performance goals and creates an individualized learning plan foreach student.

Following a mastery learning approach, skills are presented as manageable component tasks,which students acquire one by one.

Students are given support and strategies to assist them in achieving proficiency and each incremental step is celebrated with tangible rewards.

Academy of MATH: every student's program is self-paced and personalized.

Foundational Skills for Math

The Academy of MATH provides intensive training to help students develop proficiency in mathematics.

The program breaks foundation skills into small manageable tasks,which students learn using a structured and sequential approach. Skills move from simple to more complex tasks to give students the confidence and foundation they need to tackle increasingly challenging exercises.

Academy of MATH is available through Canadian distributor, Edu-Skills.

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