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Differentiated Instruction

We provide a comprehensive and flexible pool of resources tailored to accommodate the diversity of learning needs in your unique situation.

Meeting the Challenge of Diversity

Our products assist you to

  • content
  • process
  • pace

enabling you to provide
scaffolded support to students
in all stages of learning

Differentiated instruction means instruction must be adapted to meet the needs of each individual learner. It ensures:

  • what students learn
  • how they learn it
  • how they demonstrate what they have learned

is a match for their achievement level, interests and preferred mode of learning.

Increasing diversity in cultures and language skills in today's classrooms presents a growing challenge for educators across Canada.

Our technology solutions are very cost-effective tools for meeting the challenge within budget constraints.

Differentiated Instruction Tools

Edu-Skills' differentiated instruction tools help you quickly identify learners at-risk, intervene and track progress.

They are an excellent resource for people with disabilities, complex communication needs, or English as a second language.

Our scalable tools accommodate single schools or district-wide implementations.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Resources

"Just to share a great success story...one of my students in grade five came in scoring low. His mother was quite concerned about his math scores and he was looked over in public school as a "slow math learner" who needed extra help and extra time.

He scored a 3.5 in Sept, then 5 in Dec and just recently 7.4! This was due in LARGE part to Academy of MATH!

He LOVES getting perfect puzzles and when he is stuck, he listens to the tutorial over again so he can accurately answer the question! He has come so far, and his general math sense has dramatically improved.

Thank you for working with us to ensure our future students access to this resource."

Alison Crowe


Churchill Academy

Edu-Skills consultants are experienced educators in their own right.

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