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Inclusive Learning

Our award-winning, research-based products will help you include, inspire and engage learners of all ages, languages and cultures.

Learning Environments for Diverse Learners

Inclusive learning environments must satisfy the needs of an increasingly diverse population of learners. You need the capability to:

  • unobtrusively assess each individual learner
  • quickly identify at-risk students
  • create individualized training programs
  • monitor progress toward achievement goals
  • use limited resources effectively

Inclusive Learning Solutions

Edu-Skills is committed to partnership relationships with educators all across Canada. We

  • assist educators to acquire and implement inclusive learning solutions
  • provide professional development and support so teachers and students realize the full benefits of these tools
  • promote awareness of the benefits of inclusive learning technologies

Award-winning Academy Software

Research-Based Intervention

Make the shift from individual excellence to broad-scale improvement.

Help your at-risk students achieve rapid, permanent gains in their reading and math skills.

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Making Connections Intervention

MCI: Targeted Literacy Intervention

MCI is a unique blended learning solution that provides targeted literacy intervention for struggling readers in Grades 6 - 12.

It integrates the best of teacher-led instruction with engaging, individualized online instruction.

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