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Making Connections Intervention

MCI integrates the best of teacher-led, face-to-face instruction with engaging, individualized online instruction

A Comprehensive Blended Literacy Solution

MCI is a unique blended learning solution that provides targeted literacy intervention for struggling readers in middle school and beyond.

At the heart of the program is explicit and direct comprehension instruction. Through carefully scaffolded lessons, students learn to use skills and apply strategies to master comprehension.

The combination of teacher-led and online instruction maximizes the depth, intensity, and effectiveness of the intervention.

Woven through every lesson are multiple opportunities to build students' vocabulary and fluency. Additional support for students struggling with decoding or writing skills can be found in two components: MCI Word Study and MCI Writing.

Targeted intervention leads to personal success and increased confidence.

By pairing direct instruction with scientifically based online learning, struggling students can work at their own pace to master skills in a personalized environment. Ongoing data capture offers teachers real-time access to detailed information on learning gaps to further differentiate instruction.

Although Making Connections was designed as a supplemental program, it is strong enough to be used as the primary instructional method to develop comprehension skills.

MCI is available from Canadian distributor, Edu-Skills.

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