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for Math

Proven to improve student achievement through regular screening and progress monitoring. Validated in a two-year study with 12,000 students.

A Powerful Online Assessment System

PathDriver for Math provides a highly accurate and predictive measure of a student’s foundational understanding of mathematics.

Based on the most current cognitive research, it offers

  • Quick, reliable, and precise general outcome measures for K-10 that can be used with any curriculum
  • Time-saving scheduling, reporting, and collaboration tools that help schools increase capacity for data-driven instruction

Use Data to Drive a Path to Success: Grades K - 10

Students are motivated by the engaging user interface to work through a series of questions with varying levels of difficulty.

Activities for grades 1–10 assess computation, comparison, and estimation to efficiently get a comprehensive picture of each student’s grasp of foundational mathematics concepts.

Activities for kindergarten students include counting and comparison tasks. These tasks are presented in a graphical, game-like format with audio support for easy use by younger students.

The Options Can Be Overwhelming

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