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Path Driver
for Reading

Get a highly accurate and predictive measure of your students' reading proficiency using a powerful, online assessment system.

Online Universal Screening

Path Driver for Reading™ is the first web-based solution to fully integrate the key components of Response to Intervention.

Schools can use technology to save time and increase capacity to meet each student’s needs through RTI data collection, graphical reporting, and case management.

Path Driver for Reading™ is research-based and proven with thousands of students. It offers:

  • Quick, reliable, and precise general outcome measures for K-10 that can be used with any curriculum
  • Proven efficacy to improve learning outcomes through regular screening and progress monitoring, validated in a research study with over 5,000 students
  • Time-saving scheduling, reporting, and collaboration tools that help schools increase capacity for data-driven instruction

Research Based Assessments

Path Driver for Reading™ provides a highly accurate and predictive measure of a student’s foundational understanding of reading.

Educators can access timely data and share information to determine and set the best course of action for each student. The program will:

  • increase accuracy and efficiency of assessment
  • utilize general outcome measures that are valid and proven
  • automate administration and grading
  • improve student outcomes through regular benchmarking and progress monitoring
Information Rich Reporting

Path Driver for Reading is available from Canadian distributor Edu-Skills.

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