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Response to Intervention

We focus on response to intervention technology that works (instead of solutions that just look, sound, or feel good).

It’s A Difficult Issue

With so many students needing improvement in reading and math, plus the tremendous range of abilities in a single classroom, the importance of reliable and predictive testing is greater than ever.

Early identification and information is key to planning interventions and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs); yet how can you simplify this complicated, time-consuming process?

Use Data to Drive a Path to Success

RtI can only be a successful educational framework for your school or district if you have the capacity for:

  • early identification of learning problems and disabilities
  • scientifically-based intervention
  • linguistically and culturally responsive instruction
  • regular progress monitoring
  • tailored instruction
  • data driven decision-making

Our Intervention programs are rooted in neuroscience and developed from more than 50 years of practical experience with learning differences.

From screening through to intervention, progress monitoring, reporting, and professional development, we offer an integrated approach to Response to Intervention (RtI) that simplifies every stage of the process.

PathDriver: Online Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring

Close the achievement gap with scalable, comprehensive and efficient RtI solutions from leading Canadian distributor Edu-Skills.

A Web-based Environment

Our RTI Package is the first completely web-based environment to connect the key components of RTI, giving educators tools for:

  • Universal Screening: establish a baseline for skills with web-based tools that save time and increase accuracy
  • Scientifically Based Intervention: optimize instructional time with use in labs, classroom centers or after school
  • Progress Monitoring: assess and track student progress while adhering to best practices in the RtI model
  • Data-driven Decision Making: access timely data to determine the best course of action for each student
  • Implementation Best Practices: gain advanced knowledge in ongoing RtI data management, collaboration, and involving parents and community

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